Who is Dancing in the partygate Video ?

Who is Dancing in the partygate Video ? In a shocking revelation, the identities of the dancing couple in the infamous Partygate video have finally come to light. The footage, which captured the couple twirling and reveling inside Conservative HQ during a time when socializing indoors was strictly prohibited, caused outrage across the nation. The video shows them carelessly knocking over wine glasses and disregarding Covid restrictions while dancing to the tune of The Pogues’ “Fairytale of New York.” In this article, we delve into the details to uncover the individuals behind the scandalous moves and shed light on their connections to the political arena. Following !

Who is Dancing in the partygate Video
Who is Dancing in the partygate Video

I. Who is Dancing in the partygate Video ?

The identities of the dancing couple in the Partygate video have been revealed as Malin Bogue and Jack Smith. Both individuals have connections to the Conservative Party and were involved in political campaigns at the time the video was filmed.

  • Malin Bogue: Malin Bogue, an American national, worked as a former Boris Johnson campaign aide. She played a significant role as the director of special projects on Mr. Johnson’s successful 2019 Conservative leadership bid. Bogue, the daughter of a wealthy businessman from San Francisco, has a background in political consulting. Currently, Bogue is employed as a senior consultant at the lobbying firm Stonehaven. Her expertise in political affairs and campaign strategy has allowed her to navigate various roles within the political landscape.
  • Jack Smith: Jack Smith, on the other hand, worked as a parliamentary aide to Tory energy minister Graham Stuart. During the time of the Partygate video, Smith held the position of head of social media. His responsibilities included managing the online presence and communications for the Conservative Party’s campaign team.

It is worth noting that both Bogue and Smith were part of the campaign team of Shaun Bailey, who was a candidate for the position of Conservative London Mayor. The video was filmed on December 14, 2020, when they were actively working on Bailey’s campaign.

The revelation of Bogue and Smith’s identities in the Partygate video sparked significant public backlash and led to further scrutiny of the Conservative Party’s conduct during the Covid-19 pandemic. The subsequent investigation and reactions to the video shed light on the broader issues of accountability, adherence to rules, and the perception of privileged individuals flouting regulations.

II. The Dancing Duo: Malin Bogue and Jack Smith

1. Malin Bogue

Background and Professional Profile

  • Malin Bogue, an American national, has a background rooted in political consulting and campaign management. She is the daughter of a wealthy businessman from San Francisco, which has likely contributed to her connections and involvement in political circles.

Involvement in Boris Johnson’s Conservative Leadership Bid

  • Bogue played a significant role in the Conservative Party’s political landscape during the 2019 leadership bid. She served as the director of special projects on Boris Johnson’s successful campaign to become the leader of the Conservative Party and, subsequently, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Her expertise and contributions were instrumental in shaping the direction of the campaign.

Current Role as a Senior Consultant at Lobbying Firm Stonehaven

  • Following her work on Boris Johnson’s campaign, Bogue transitioned into the private sector and currently holds a position as a senior consultant at Stonehaven, a prominent lobbying firm. As a senior consultant, she brings her wealth of experience and political acumen to advise and support clients in navigating the complexities of the political landscape.

2. Jack Smith

Parliamentary Aide to Tory Energy Minister Graham Stuart

  • Jack Smith, a member of the Conservative Party, served as a parliamentary aide to Tory energy minister Graham Stuart. In this role, he worked closely with Stuart, assisting him in various parliamentary activities, policy research, and administrative tasks related to energy and environmental matters.

Role in the Campaign Team of Shaun Bailey, Conservative London Mayor Candidate

  • At the time the Partygate video was filmed, Smith was actively involved in the campaign team of Shaun Bailey, who was the Conservative Party’s candidate for the position of London Mayor. Smith’s role encompassed strategic planning, coordination, and execution of campaign activities, with a particular focus on social media management to bolster the candidate’s online presence.

Position as Head of Social Media during the Time of the Video

  • Within Bailey’s campaign team, Smith held the crucial position of head of social media. This role involved overseeing the development and implementation of social media strategies to engage with the public, disseminate campaign messages, and promote the candidate’s platform. Smith was responsible for managing the party’s online presence and leveraging social media platforms to connect with potential voters.
  • The involvement of Malin Bogue and Jack Smith in the Partygate video highlights their roles within the Conservative Party and their contributions to political campaigns during the time of the incident. Their positions and responsibilities indicate their influence within the party’s campaign and communication strategies.

III. Investigation and Reactions

After the Partygate video surfaced, the Metropolitan Police initiated an investigation into the gathering at Conservative HQ. However, the investigation concluded without any fines being issued. The police stated that there was insufficient evidence to pursue charges or penalties against those involved in the video.

In light of the newly emerged video and the public outcry it generated, Scotland Yard, the headquarters of the Metropolitan Police, faced mounting pressure to reopen the case. Calls for a fresh investigation grew louder, with demands for a more thorough examination of the events depicted in the video and potential violations of Covid-19 regulations.

Cabinet minister Michael Gove publicly apologized and expressed his condemnation of the Partygate video. During an interview on Sky’s Sophy Ridge on Sunday show, Gove described the video as “terrible” and “unacceptable.” He expressed remorse and extended an apology to the public, acknowledging that the actions captured in the video undermined the rules put in place to protect everyone.

Deputy Labour leader Angela Rayner criticized the Partygate video, highlighting how it demonstrated that Tories “openly mocked the rules the British people followed.” Rayner accused the Conservative Party of believing in a double standard, where different rules applied to them compared to the general public. She emphasized the need for consequences rather than rewards for those involved in the scandal.

Liberal Democrat deputy leader Daisy Cooper echoed Rayner’s sentiments, stating that the video should make ministers “sick to their stomachs.” Cooper expressed her disgust at the party officials’ behavior, emphasizing the disparity between the sacrifices made by the British people during the pandemic and the flouting of rules exhibited in the video. She called for accountability and consequences for those responsible.

The investigation into the Partygate video and the subsequent reactions from political figures and the public reflect the gravity of the incident. The initial closure of the investigation and the pressure to reopen it, combined with the apology and condemnation from a cabinet minister, highlight the significance of addressing the issue and ensuring accountability. The responses from political leaders further underscore the public’s demand for consequences and a commitment to upholding the rules that govern the nation.

IV. Partygate Party Attendees

Shaun Bailey, a prominent figure in the Partygate scandal, was the Conservative candidate for the position of London mayor at the time of the party. Although not seen in the Partygate video, an earlier photograph from the event shows Bailey standing in the middle of a group, smiling, while his colleagues pose with glasses in their hands. Bailey’s presence at the party raises questions about his awareness of the rule-breaking and the atmosphere surrounding the event.

Ben Mallet, another attendee of the Partygate party, is known to be a close friend of Carrie Johnson, the wife of Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Mallet previously served as the campaign manager for Zac Goldsmith’s mayoral campaign in 2016. In the Partygate video, Mallet can be seen wearing festive braces, a navy blue tie, and holding a glass of wine. His connection to both Carrie Johnson and his involvement in political campaigns further emphasize the significance of his presence at the event.

Nick Candy, a Tory donor and prominent property developer, was also present at the Partygate party. In the photograph taken at the event, Candy can be seen wearing a grey blazer and raising a glass of wine alongside other party attendees. Notably, Candy made headlines in the past for his unsuccessful bid to purchase Chelsea Football Club. He is also known for developing the One Hyde Park penthouse, which became Britain’s most expensive home. Candy’s presence at the party adds to the list of influential individuals connected to the scandal.

The inclusion of Shaun Bailey, Ben Mallet, and Nick Candy among the Partygate party attendees sheds light on the range of individuals involved in the controversial event. Their presence, along with other prominent figures, contributes to the gravity of the scandal and raises further questions about the responsibility and accountability of those associated with the Conservative Party.

V. Details of the Partygate Video

The Partygate video was filmed on December 14, 2020, at a time when Covid-19 restrictions were in place in London. The city was under tier 3 restrictions, which meant that socializing indoors was strictly prohibited. These measures were implemented to control the spread of the virus and protect public health. The video’s context becomes significant as it captured individuals, including the dancing couple, flouting these restrictions and engaging in a party-like atmosphere.

The Partygate video footage reveals a scene of revelry and disregard for Covid regulations. The couple, identified as Malin Bogue and Jack Smith, can be seen dancing frantically in front of a sign that reads “Please keep your distance.” As they twirl and dance, they accidentally knock over wine glasses and collide with a table laden with buffet food, further emphasizing their lack of regard for the rules in place.

The participants in the video appear to be in high spirits, laughing and enjoying themselves while dancing to the tune of The Pogues’ “Fairytale of New York.” Their actions and behavior indicate a carefree attitude and a lack of concern for the seriousness of the pandemic and the restrictions imposed on social gatherings.

The audio snippets in the Partygate video provide additional insight into the mindset and attitude of the participants towards breaking rules. One person can be heard saying, “As long as we don’t stream that, we’re like bending the rules,” followed by laughter. This comment suggests a deliberate attempt to hide their actions and deceive others about their adherence to Covid restrictions. It reflects an attitude of disregard for the rules and a willingness to flaunt them.

The audio further reveals another person asking if the video is being recorded, to which someone responds, “It’s for party, erm, party use.” This exchange implies a level of awareness that their behavior is inappropriate and potentially rule-breaking, yet they proceed regardless.

The details of the Partygate video, including the context, actions, and audio snippets, paint a vivid picture of a gathering that disregarded Covid restrictions and demonstrated a cavalier attitude towards the rules meant to protect public health. The footage and accompanying audio have significantly contributed to the public outrage and scrutiny faced by those involved in the event.

VI. Impact on the Tory Party and Boris Johnson

The Partygate video and the subsequent revelations have had far-reaching implications for the Tory Party and its reputation. The video served as a stark reminder of the alleged double standards exhibited by some members of the Conservative Party, whereby they appeared to flout the very rules they imposed on the public. This revelation fueled public anger and eroded trust in the party’s commitment to upholding the rules designed to protect public health.

The Partygate scandal further intensified when the Privileges Committee, a cross-party group of MPs, released a report examining Boris Johnson’s conduct in relation to the Partygate incident. The report found that Johnson had misled Parliament in five different ways and concluded that there was “no precedent” for the scale of his deceit. The committee recommended a 90-day suspension had Johnson not already resigned from the House of Commons before the report’s release.

In response to the escalating Partygate scandal and the release of the Privileges Committee report, Boris Johnson resigned as Prime Minister, resulting in a leadership vacuum within the Conservative Party. Johnson’s resignation came as a direct consequence of the mounting pressure and public backlash over his involvement and alleged deceit in relation to the Partygate incident.

The resignation of Boris Johnson and the fallout within the Tory Party following the Partygate scandal marked a significant moment in British politics. The incident exposed deep divisions within the party and prompted soul-searching about integrity, accountability, and the future direction of the Conservative Party. The public scrutiny and demands for consequences have forced the party to reassess its policies, leadership, and commitment to transparency and ethical conduct.

As the Partygate scandal unfolded, it became evident that the repercussions extended beyond a single incident. It raised questions about the wider culture within the Tory Party and the accountability of its members. The party now faces the challenge of rebuilding trust, regaining public confidence, and addressing the issues of integrity and adherence to rules that were brought to the forefront by the Partygate scandal.

VII. The Unveiling of a Deeper Scandal

The Partygate scandal was not an isolated incident. Following the public uproar surrounding the video and the subsequent fallout, a whistleblower came forward, shedding light on a deeper scandal involving the drinking culture and rule-breaking within No. 10 Downing Street, the residence and office of the Prime Minister.

The whistleblower’s revelations exposed a pervasive culture of endemic rule-breaking and a raucous drinking culture within the heart of the government. According to the whistleblower, the atmosphere in No. 10 was one of disregard for Covid-19 restrictions and a sense of entitlement that set the government apart from the rest of the country.

The revelations painted a picture of a privileged few enjoying social gatherings, excessive drinking, and merrymaking while the nation endured lockdowns and stringent measures to curb the spread of the virus. The allegations suggested that Prime Minister Boris Johnson himself was aware of and permitted these activities, fostering an environment where rules were flouted with impunity.

The whistleblower’s accounts, combined with the Partygate scandal, intensified public anger and raised serious questions about the integrity and judgment of those in power. The revelations further eroded trust in the government and fueled calls for greater accountability and transparency.

The Partygate video has not only exposed the brazen disregard for Covid regulations by the dancing couple but has also intensified scrutiny of the Conservative Party and its leadership. The revelations surrounding the identities of Malin Bogue and Jack Smith, along with other attendees, have raised questions about integrity, accountability, and the perception of double standards. As public anger grows, the fallout from the scandal is likely to have far-reaching consequences for the party and those involved.

Please note that all information presented in this article has been obtained from a variety of sources, including and several other newspapers. Although we have tried our best to verify all information, we cannot guarantee that everything mentioned is correct and has not been 100% verified. Therefore, we recommend caution when referencing this article or using it as a source in your own research or report.

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