One margarita original Video

Comedian and actress That Chick Angel has enjoyed a successful career in entertainment for over a decade. However, her viral fame skyrocketed this past summer with the release of her raunchy hit “One margarita original Video.” The tongue-in-cheek party anthem, which started as a freestyled joke on Angel’s podcast, took TikTok by storm and was soon dubbed the unofficial “song of the summer.” Following !

One margarita original Video
One margarita original Video

I. The Origin Story: Freestyling the Original Video on a Podcast

Angel has co-hosted the pop culture podcast “Here’s the Thing” with fellow comedian Kev On Stage for years. During a recent episode, the duo covered a viral video of a university sermon which condemned women for drinking and having casual sex. In the clip, the female pastor declares, “If you buy her one margarita, she will spread her legs.”

This slut-shaming stance outraged Angel, inspiring her to freestyle a rebuttal over a beat provided by her co-host. The result was a raunchy, sex-positive rap celebrating women’s right to embrace their sexuality without judgement. Though she initially didn’t take the clip seriously, Angel later posted it online where it quickly gained traction.

II. Creating the Viral “One Margarita” Song

Producers Casa Di and Steve Terrell added slick beats and production to Angel’s original freestyle video, crafting it into a full-length song. The final version, released officially on streaming platforms, features bold declarations like:

“Give me one margarita, I’ma open my legs / Give me two margaritas, I’ma give you some head.”

The lyrics revel in the idea of women loosening up and becoming more daring after a drink or two. While clearly meant humorously, they also subvert traditional expectations around female modesty.

III. Why the “One Margarita” Song Resonated on TikTok

Shortly after its streaming release, “One Margarita” exploded on TikTok with thousands of videos using the track. Users acted out the lyrics, made memes celebrating its themes of female empowerment, and declared it the perfect summer anthem.

Several factors help explain why it struck such a chord:

  • Relatable theme: The idea of women letting loose and getting flirty or frisky after some liquid courage is a common experience many could identify with.
  • Comedic take on sexuality: Approaching female desire from an unabashedly humorous angle made the song fun versus scandalous.
  • Escapist summer vibes: Lyrics like “Shawty wanna hump, OK let’s hump” capture the carefree, pleasure-seeking mood of summer fun.

As the song continued its viral domination on TikTok throughout summer 2022, major media outlets began hailing it as the song that defined the summer.

IV. Breakdown of the Original Video’s Origins

The original video that inspired Angel’s freestyle rant was filmed at Louisiana State University. It shows a female pastor preaching to students against drinking and casual sex, declaring that women who indulge in such activities have no self-respect.

This stance stems from certain conservative religious values emphasizing female purity and modesty. Having attended church growing up herself, Angel felt compelled to provide an alternative perspective.

Her freestyle celebrates women embracing their sexuality freely without judgement or shame. She emphasizes the importance of women having autonomy over their bodies and desires without damaging stigmas.

V. Collaborations and “One Margarita” Remixes

The viral success of “One Margarita” on TikTok prompted Angel to continue releasing new iterations of the track with special guests:

  • Official song release: The original full-length track was co-produced by Steve Terrell and Casa Di. This gave Angel’s improvised podcast verse a professional musical arrangement.
  • Music video with Cindy Crawford: A music video for the song features supermodel Cindy Crawford and product placement for her husband Rande Gerber’s tequila brand, Casamigos.
  • Remix featuring Saucy Santana: Viral rapper Saucy Santana collaborated on an official remix release, adding his signature flavor to the track.
  • “Ladies Remix”: This features verses by female rappers Flo Milli, Sexyy Red, and FendiDaRappa. Their contributions provide a multi-dimensional take on themes of confidence and sensuality.

VI. That Chick Angel’s Reflections on the Original Video

Despite having years of experience as an entertainer, Angel could not have predicted the astronomical virality of “One Margarita” sparked by her off-the-cuff podcast freestyle.

In interviews, she expresses continual surprise at the song’s popularity but excitement at the new opportunities it has brought her way. To capitalize on the momentum, she plans to release more comedic music that brings people joy.

VII. Impact and Legacy of the “One Margarita” Song

The cultural impact of “One Margarita” is demonstrated in concrete terms by its streaming totals. As of October 2022, the track has been streamed over 10 million times on Spotify alone.

Critics have praised the song’s sex-positive themes, with some saying it mirrors broader shifts in society towards more progressive attitudes regarding female sexuality.

However, the song’s extremely racy lyrics have also garnered some negative critiques. Detractors argue that overly explicit references to sex acts, while meant humorously, can also reinforce reductive gender stereotypes.

As for the song’s long-term legacy, it raises thought-provoking questions. Does something so irreverent still have the power to challenge traditional sexual mores? Or is it simply a fleeting viral moment that titillated listeners for one summer only to be forgotten by the next?

Regardless of its controversial nature, “One Margarita” will be remember as one of the definitive songs of Summer 2022. What originated as a fiery freestyle rant on a podcast was transformed into an outrageous viral hit that delighted and shocked TikTok audiences.

Above all, That Chick Angel provided a bold, empowering anthem for women owning their sensuality amidst enduring societal judgement. For Angel herself, this newfound viral fame will likely open doors to expand her comedy and music career in exciting new directions.

Please note that all information presented in this article has been obtained from a variety of sources, including and several other newspapers. Although we have tried our best to verify all information, we cannot guarantee that everything mentioned is correct and has not been 100% verified. Therefore, we recommend caution when referencing this article or using it as a source in your own research or report.

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