Maxime Meiland video: ‘Doe het niet!’

The emergence of a “Maxime Meiland video” has caused quite a stir. The video showcases a strikingly similar blonde woman engaging in intimate acts resembling Maxime. If confirmed as a private recording of Maxime, it raises concerns about her privacy and the unintended dissemination of such personal content. This situation has parallels with a previous incident where an intimate video of Maxime leaked, leading to emotional turmoil. It remains to be seen if this recent development will have similar repercussions. For further details, visit

Maxime Meiland video: 'Doe het niet!'
Maxime Meiland video: ‘Doe het niet!’

I. What is Maxime Meiland video?

There has been a leaked erotic video allegedly featuring the SBS reality star. The explicit video indeed shows a blonde woman who bears a striking resemblance to Maxime. It is said to be a video of Maxime engaging in sexual acts with herself. If this is indeed a private recording of Maxime, it was certainly not intended for the wider world to see, especially considering she is the youngest daughter of Martien and Erica.

Maxime previously experienced a breakdown in high school after another explicit video of her was leaked. Will she now face another emotional downturn? More details will be explored in Party 2.

II. Maxime Meiland video

In 2018, the website was shut down again. Whether any actual activities took place behind the computer cameras remains unclear. Her manager claims that it remained just a single registration with the Chamber of Commerce (KvK). The reasons why the website never took off have never come to light, but around that time, a video of Maxime herself was leaked. She allegedly made the footage for a friend. In an interview with Robbert Rodenburg, she expressed serious distress over the situation, as the video continues to be widely circulated on WhatsApp.

III. Watch Maxime Meiland video: ‘Doe het niet!’

The company was given the catchy name ‘Divine Live Models’ and was primarily promoted through Facebook. An advertisement at the time stated: “Do you have a beautiful, well-groomed appearance and are you open-minded? Then we are looking for you! Earn money directly from home through messaging and your computer.” Her father, Martien, who was primarily known for the NPO program “Ik Vertrek” at the time, also promoted his daughter’s startup through social media.

IV. Maxime Meilan’s reaction

Maxime expressed regret in an interview with the opinion magazine Weekend, saying, “Ferry Doedens seems to genuinely enjoy it. At least, that’s the impression I have. Based on my experience, I would say don’t do it. I started at a point when I had no self-worth. It gradually built up, but it definitely had an impact. You get sucked into it, and you keep going further and further. It’s mentally damaging.”

However, she also understands why some celebrities are tempted to make a financial profit from it. “It’s tempting, but ultimately, happiness in your mind is much more important than money. Absolutely.

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