Kidnapped and Tortured by Gang LiveGore

In a horrifying tale of cruelty and brutality, a young university student’s life was forever altered when he became the target of a sadistic criminal gang. This gripping video article unveils the nightmarish journey of the 21-year-old victim, whose identity remains hidden, as he faced a harrowing 22-hour ordeal of relentless torment and terror. Zakariya Osman, 25, and Harris Saqib, 24, masterminded this chilling crime, inflicting unimaginable suffering on their helpless prey. Kidnapped and Tortured by Gang LiveGore With cigarette burns, forced pills, and vodka, they coerced him into handing over his life savings, leaving scars that would haunt him for a lifetime. Dive into the darkness as we explore the shocking events of that dreadful night and its haunting aftermath. Following !

Kidnapped and Tortured by Gang LiveGore
Kidnapped and Tortured by Gang LiveGore

I. Innocence Shattered: Abducted and Ensnared

1. The unsuspecting student’s night out in Leeds turns into a living nightmare

On a seemingly ordinary night in Leeds, a 21-year-old university student embarked on a night out with friends, blissfully unaware that his life was about to take a horrifying turn. Little did he know that this night would mark the beginning of an unrelenting nightmare that would forever change him. The vibrant atmosphere of the city’s nightlife beckoned him, as he ventured out to enjoy the company of friends and savor the freedom of youth. However, fate had a different plan in store, and what began as a carefree evening soon turned into an unimaginable ordeal of terror and suffering.

2. Lured into the clutches of the criminal gang: Zakariya Osman and Harris Saqib

As the night progressed, the student found himself separated from his friends amid the hustle and bustle of the nightclub. Unbeknownst to him, lurking in the shadows were Zakariya Osman and Harris Saqib, two malevolent figures with sinister intentions. These predators saw an opportunity and seized it with ruthless efficiency. Coordinating their actions with precision, they ensnared their unsuspecting prey like a spider weaving its web around an unwitting fly. Waiting nearby in a car, they targeted the vulnerable student, who, disoriented and alone, became an easy target for their malicious scheme.

3. Trapped in the web of terror: The initiation of a 22-hour long horror

The moment the student approached the car, he unknowingly walked into the heart of darkness. Within seconds, his life was turned upside down, as the two assailants launched their merciless attack. Threatening him with a knife, they forced him to surrender his bank card and pin number. The night that had held so much promise swiftly morphed into an inescapable nightmare. The student became a captive, ensnared by the clutches of a criminal gang driven by malevolence and greed.

What followed was a relentless 22-hour ordeal of torment and terror that defies comprehension. Cigarettes were used as sadistic tools to inflict burns on his face, arms, and body, leaving permanent scars etched upon his flesh. The victim was force-fed tablets, leaving him in a hazy and disoriented state, unable to fully grasp the extent of the horrors inflicted upon him. With each passing moment, the viciousness escalated, as they made him drink vodka against his will, further blurring the lines between consciousness and oblivion.

Throughout the torturous hours, the assailants continued to taunt and threaten him, leaving him petrified for his life and the lives of his loved ones. The chilling words they uttered lingered in the air like a dark cloud of impending doom, pressing him to comply with their monstrous demands. At the core of their relentless cruelty was their desire to force him to transfer £10,000 from his savings account, current account, and an ISA. He was made to call his bank and attempt to persuade them of the legitimacy of these transactions, all while enduring their unyielding assault.

During this harrowing ordeal, the student’s memories blurred and fragmented. The pain, fear, and intoxication clouded his ability to recall each agonizing detail with clarity. His life, now reduced to a series of horrifying snapshots, seemed trapped within the nightmarish grasp of LiveGore – an entity that inflicted terror and pain without remorse.

The terror-stricken young student was trapped in a nightmarish web spun by Zakariya Osman and Harris Saqib, experiencing a level of horror that most could only imagine in their worst nightmares. The initiation of this 22-hour long ordeal marked the beginning of an unrelenting darkness that would forever haunt him.

II. A Gruesome Tale of Torture and Agony

1. Sadistic brutality unfolds: Cigarette burns and force-fed tablets

As the night wore on, the student found himself trapped in a nightmarish abyss, subjected to sadistic brutality that defied all humanity. Zakariya Osman and Harris Saqib unleashed their monstrous side upon him, using cigarettes as weapons to inflict unimaginable pain. The burning embers scorched his skin, leaving searing marks that served as a haunting testament to the horrors he endured. The sadistic pleasure they derived from his suffering was evident in their malicious grins, as they callously disregarded his pleas for mercy.

The physical torment was only half of the nightmare. To maintain control over their victim, the assailants force-fed him a cocktail of pills, plunging him further into a state of disarray and vulnerability. As the concoction coursed through his veins, he was thrust into a disoriented haze, unable to discern reality from the grim nightmare he now lived. The combination of agony and intoxication blurred his memories, leaving him unable to recall each agonizing moment with clarity.

2. Driven to the brink: Vodka and coercion to relinquish life savings

To deepen his torment, Zakariya Osman and Harris Saqib resorted to psychological manipulation, using vodka as both a means of control and a tool of destruction. The student, already weakened and disoriented, was forced to drink against his will, leaving him in a state of despair and confusion. The alcohol became both his crutch and his captors’ weapon, as they sought to break down his resolve and force him to submit.

In their insatiable greed, the assailants demanded the ultimate price for his freedom – his life savings. Threatening him with murder if he did not comply, they coerced him to call his bank and initiate the grim process of transferring funds from his accounts. With each transaction, the darkness tightened its grip around him, suffocating any hope of escape.

3. The ominous threats: “Meet our demands or face murder”

Throughout the harrowing ordeal, the student faced relentless threats, each one a macabre reminder of his perilous situation. The cold and callous words that spilled from the lips of his tormentors echoed through the confines of the car, instilling terror that seemed insurmountable. The ominous specter of murder loomed overhead, a constant reminder that his life and the lives of his loved ones hung in the balance.

Zakariya Osman and Harris Saqib made it abundantly clear that their malevolence knew no bounds. They knew his name, where he lived, and they vowed to track him down and execute their ghastly plans should he dare to report the kidnapping. These threats were not hollow promises; they were the embodiment of pure evil, permeating the young student’s mind and leaving him gripped by fear and despair.

In those torturous hours, his will to survive warred with the terror that enveloped him. Every moment felt like an eternity, and yet escape seemed unattainable. He was caught in the clutches of a darkness that savored his suffering and reveled in his vulnerability. The demands for his life savings were a chilling reminder that his life now hung by a thread, entirely at the mercy of the malevolent forces that ensnared him.

The gruesome tale of torture and agony he endured stands as a testament to the depths of human cruelty and the terrifying vulnerability of innocence. Zakariya Osman and Harris Saqib subjected the student to unspeakable horrors, leaving scars that ran deeper than the surface wounds. As the night wore on, the young victim’s resilience was tested, and the boundaries of his strength were pushed to the brink.

III. LiveGore: Unveiling the Faces of Malevolence

1. Zakariya Osman: The mastermind behind the heinous acts

As the darkness of the night enveloped the city of Leeds, Zakariya Osman emerged as the sinister mastermind orchestrating the horrifying ordeal. With a heart devoid of empathy and a mind consumed by malevolence, he plotted a night of terror that would forever scar the young student’s life. Behind the facade of a seemingly ordinary individual, Osman harbored a deep-seated darkness that reveled in the suffering of others.

With a chilling aura of calculated cruelty, he took charge of the nightmarish plan, setting into motion a chain of events that would leave an indelible mark on the victim’s soul. He was the embodiment of evil, deriving pleasure from the sadistic acts inflicted upon his helpless prey. Every ounce of pain he inflicted was a testament to his depravity, and every threat he issued was a haunting reminder of the depths to which he would sink.

Osman’s role as the orchestrator of terror extended beyond the physical realm. His psychological manipulation was equally insidious, exploiting the student’s vulnerabilities to gain control over every aspect of his life. He demanded the young victim’s life savings with a cold and calculating demeanor, never once considering the consequences of his actions on another human being.

2. Harris Saqib: Enforcing terror and destruction

Beside Zakariya Osman stood Harris Saqib, a willing accomplice in this horrifying saga of malevolence. As if molded from the same dark fabric, Saqib embraced the role of the enforcer, carrying out the monstrous acts with a heart as cold as ice. His presence exuded an air of menace, a constant reminder to the victim that escape was futile.

With a facade of brutality masked by a sinister grin, Saqib unleashed his sadistic tendencies upon the defenseless student. He took pleasure in administering pain, using cigarettes to scar the young man’s body and soul. There was no remorse in his actions, only a twisted satisfaction in the suffering he inflicted.

As the victim’s mind and body were consumed by disarray and torment, Saqib remained relentless in enforcing his partner’s malevolent will. His intimidating presence amplified the terror, leaving the student in a perpetual state of fear and vulnerability. He stood as a living embodiment of the darkness that lurked in the shadows, a reminder that humanity’s capacity for evil had no bounds.

United by their shared malevolence, Zakariya Osman and Harris Saqib formed a formidable duo that left destruction in their wake. Their actions were a chilling testament to the depths of human depravity, a stark reminder of the horrors that can be unleashed when evil finds a foothold.

In the days that followed, the faces of LiveGore would be etched into the victim’s memory, haunting his thoughts and dreams. Zakariya Osman and Harris Saqib had forever altered the course of his life, leaving him to grapple with the scars of their malevolence. As the wheels of justice turned, the question lingered – how could individuals embody such darkness and cruelty?

IV. In the Clutches of Darkness: Enduring the Unimaginable

1. A haze of torment: The victim’s shattered memories

As the relentless hours of horror unfolded, the student found himself trapped in a nightmarish haze, his memories fractured and obscured by the overwhelming torment he endured. The combination of physical agony, forced intoxication, and psychological manipulation blurred the lines between reality and nightmare. Each moment became a painful blur, like shards of shattered glass that he struggled to piece together.

The cigarettes burns left agonizing imprints on his body, each one a haunting reminder of the pain he endured at the hands of Zakariya Osman and Harris Saqib. The forced ingestion of pills and vodka further clouded his mind, leaving him disoriented and unable to distinguish between the sensations of fear and despair. The days that followed would become a grueling battle to recover fragments of memories lost to the depths of his subconscious.

2. Slow struggle for survival: Forced pleas to the bank amidst agony

Within the claustrophobic confines of the car, the student was forced to make desperate calls to his bank, each one more harrowing than the last. The cruel demands of his captors compelled him to navigate the bureaucracy of the banking system while enduring their unrelenting assault. With trembling hands and a voice strained with fear, he pleaded with the bank representatives, attempting to persuade them to comply with the vile demands of his tormentors.

The slow, painful process of transferring funds became an agonizing ordeal in itself. The weight of the situation bore down on him like an immense burden, knowing that his life and the lives of his loved ones hung in the balance. His heart pounded with each passing second, and the tension in the air was palpable. The cruelty of LiveGore had thrust him into a nightmarish game of survival, and every moment seemed like an eternity.

3. Embracing the abyss: The trauma of those endless 22 hours

The 22-hour long ordeal felt like an eternity in the abyss of terror, a journey through the depths of hell that left scars that would never fade. As the nightmarish hours stretched on, the young student faced the stark reality of his vulnerability and the malevolence of those who held him captive. The trauma of those endless hours left an indelible mark on his soul, forever altering the trajectory of his life.

The weight of the torment he endured during those harrowing hours would continue to haunt him long after the nightmare had ended. The psychological scars ran deep, ingrained in his psyche like an unshakable shadow. He would grapple with nightmares and flashbacks, each one a haunting echo of the terrors he experienced at the hands of Zakariya Osman and Harris Saqib.

The aftermath of those 22 hours left the young student forever changed, grappling with a darkness that few could comprehend. The trauma of the experience would become an integral part of his journey towards healing, an arduous path to find strength amidst the abyss of despair. The resilience required to emerge from such a nightmarish ordeal would serve as a testament to the indomitable spirit that resided within him, as he navigated the long road to reclaiming his life from the clutches of darkness.

V. A Cry for Justice and Healing

1. Escaping the clutches of terror: The victim’s path to freedom

Amidst the relentless darkness, a glimmer of hope emerged for the tormented student. After enduring 22 hours of unspeakable horrors, the moment finally arrived when he was released from the clutches of LiveGore. The assailants allowed him to leave the car without any money or his mobile phone, granting him a taste of freedom after a nightmarish ordeal. As the first rays of dawn illuminated the city, he emerged from the darkness, battered and bruised, yet determined to reclaim his life.

His escape marked the beginning of a long and arduous journey toward healing and recovery. The young student’s path to freedom was riddled with emotional turmoil and psychological scars that ran deep. Yet, in the face of unimaginable trauma, he found the strength to persevere, seeking solace in the embrace of loved ones and the support of professional counselors who understood the weight of his anguish.

2. Seeking retribution: Arrest and confession of the perpetrators

The cries for justice echoed through the halls of the legal system, determined to hold the perpetrators accountable for their heinous acts. Law enforcement worked tirelessly to apprehend Zakariya Osman and Harris Saqib, unmasking the faces behind LiveGore’s malevolence. Through thorough investigation and unwavering commitment, the authorities ensured that the tormentors would not evade the consequences of their actions.

As the evidence stacked against them, the perpetrators were left with no choice but to face the truth of their monstrous deeds. Under the weight of irrefutable evidence, Zakariya Osman and Harris Saqib were compelled to confess to their crimes, revealing the chilling details of their sadistic actions. Their admissions served as a chilling testament to the depths of depravity that can exist within the human psyche.

3. The gavel strikes: Sentencing and the pursuit of justice

In the solemn halls of Leeds Crown Court, justice reached its zenith. The gavel struck with authority, delivering the retribution that the victim and society demanded. The court, presided over by Judge Tom Bayliss QC, pronounced Zakariya Osman and Harris Saqib guilty of kidnap and robbery, recognizing the chilling nature of their crimes. The weight of their malevolence finally met its match in the pursuit of justice.

Judge Bayliss, with unwavering resolve, sentenced Zakariya Osman to 30 years and Harris Saqib to 20 years behind bars. Their prison sentences would serve as a stark reminder of the consequences that awaited those who chose to inflict pain and suffering upon others. The courtroom became a bastion of justice, where the young student’s cry for retribution was heard and answered.

Though the sentencing brought a measure of closure, the pursuit of justice did not end there. The victim’s courage and determination inspired a collective call to address the issue of such malevolence and to prevent others from suffering a similar fate. The haunting tale of LiveGore served as a poignant reminder that society must remain vigilant in the face of evil, safeguarding the vulnerable and upholding the values of empathy and compassion.

In the quest for healing and justice, the young student’s resilience shone through, lighting a path for others to follow. As he embarked on the long road to recovery, he became a symbol of strength and hope, proving that even in the darkest of times, the human spirit can triumph over the abyss of despair.

VI. Life Altered Forever: Lingering Scars and Resilience

1. Physical agony, emotional torment: The scars that remain

The young student’s life would forever bear the indelible marks of the nightmarish ordeal he endured at the hands of LiveGore. The physical agony inflicted upon him left scars etched upon his body, a constant reminder of the sadistic brutality he faced. Each scar told a story of pain and survival, a testament to the strength that lay within him. But it was the emotional torment that cut deeper, leaving wounds that time alone could not heal.

Haunted by flashbacks and nightmares, the victim grappled with the psychological aftermath of the 22-hour long horror. The echoes of terror reverberated within him, an ever-present specter that invaded his peace and tranquility. Simple tasks became arduous challenges, and the trust he once had in the world was shattered. The wounds inflicted by LiveGore would be slow to heal, leaving him forever changed.

2. A shattered future: University dreams abandoned, life transformed

In the aftermath of LiveGore’s malevolence, the victim’s once-bright future was shattered. The dreams of a promising university life in Leeds were abandoned, replaced by the stark reality of trauma and upheaval. The pursuit of education, once a source of hope and ambition, became an overwhelming reminder of the horrors he had endured.

The toll on his mental well-being became apparent as he struggled to cope with the aftermath of the nightmare. The stress and pressure of being in Leeds and pursuing his studies were overwhelming, forcing him to make the difficult decision to leave behind the life he once knew. The trajectory of his life had been altered forever, the path he once envisioned now obscured by the shadow of LiveGore.

3. Rising from the ashes: The survivor’s journey towards healing

Amidst the darkness that had enveloped his life, the young student found within himself the strength to rise from the ashes. He refused to be defined solely by the horrors he endured, determined to reclaim his life from the clutches of LiveGore. The journey towards healing would be arduous, but he resolved to face it with unwavering resilience.

Seeking solace in therapy and the unwavering support of loved ones, he took his first steps towards healing. The scars, physical and emotional, became badges of courage, symbols of his survival and determination to overcome. The victim transformed into a survivor, his spirit refusing to be broken by the malevolence that sought to destroy him.

In the process of healing, he discovered strength he never knew he possessed. The shadows of LiveGore no longer held him captive; instead, he turned his gaze towards the light of hope and renewal. He sought to bring meaning to his harrowing experience, channeling his pain into advocacy for others who had endured similar traumas.

Through his resilience and determination, he became an advocate for justice and support for victims of violent crimes. His voice, once silenced by terror, now echoed in the halls of change, a beacon of hope for those seeking healing and justice. The survivor’s journey would be one of profound transformation, as he found new purpose and meaning in helping others navigate the aftermath of trauma.

Though the scars of LiveGore’s malevolence would forever remain, so too would the resilience of the young student who emerged from the darkness. His journey towards healing was a testament to the indomitable human spirit, a reminder that even in the face of unimaginable horrors, hope and strength could be found. As he moved forward, forever altered but not defeated, he carried with him the lessons learned from the abyss – that healing was possible, and that the human spirit, despite all odds, could rise again.

VII. Closing the Dark Chapter: Reflections and Lessons

1. Unmasking the darkness: A grim reminder of hidden evils

The haunting tale of LiveGore serves as a chilling reminder that evil can lurk in the shadows, hidden behind a facade of normalcy. The malevolence of Zakariya Osman and Harris Saqib was a stark revelation of the depths to which some individuals can sink. Their horrifying actions stand as a somber reminder that we must remain vigilant, recognizing that darkness can exist even in the midst of everyday life.

The story of the young student’s harrowing ordeal sheds light on the importance of addressing the issue of violence and crime, ensuring that the cries for justice are heard and answered. It is only by unmasking the darkness and confronting the realities of such malevolence that we can hope to prevent similar tragedies from befalling others.

2. Illuminating the strength within: The survivor’s resilience

In the face of unspeakable horrors, the victim’s resilience shone like a beacon of hope amidst the darkness. Despite the traumas inflicted upon him, he refused to be defined solely by the nightmarish chapter of his life. The survivor’s journey towards healing and renewal revealed the indomitable strength within the human spirit, a strength that can endure even in the most harrowing of circumstances.

His story reminds us that healing is a journey, one that may be arduous and filled with challenges, but also one that can lead to newfound purpose and strength. The survivor’s resilience serves as an inspiration to others, a testament that even when life is altered forever, there is hope for reclaiming one’s life and finding the light within.

3. In pursuit of closure: Seeking light amidst the shadows

As the chapter of LiveGore draws to a close, the pursuit of closure continues for all those affected by the horrors unleashed that fateful night. For the victim, closure may come in the form of justice served and knowing that the perpetrators are held accountable for their actions. Yet, closure also means seeking healing and finding peace within oneself, knowing that the scars of the past do not define the future.

For society, closure requires a commitment to prevent such atrocities from occurring again. It demands that we confront the darkness and work together to build a world where empathy, compassion, and understanding prevail. In the pursuit of closure, we must strive to be a force of light, supporting victims, advocating for justice, and standing against the malevolence that seeks to break us.

As we close this dark chapter, let us carry the lessons learned from the horrors of LiveGore with us. Let us remember the strength of the survivor, the importance of unmasking hidden evils, and the power of collective action to seek justice and healing. By doing so, we can move towards a future where the shadows of darkness are illuminated by the resilience of the human spirit and the light of hope shines brighter than ever before.


1. What injuries did the victim sustain during the ordeal?

The victim endured cigarette burns on his face, arms, and body. He suffered bruises and required hospital treatment for his injuries.

2. Were the assailants caught and prosecuted for their crimes?

Yes, Zakariya Osman and Harris Saqib were arrested, charged, and pleaded guilty to the charges of kidnap and robbery. They were sentenced to lengthy prison terms.

3. How much money did the victim surrender to the gang?

The victim was coerced into transferring around £10,000 from his savings account, current account, and an ISA to the assailants’ accounts. The bank intervened and prevented further transfers.

4. How has the victim’s life changed after the harrowing ordeal?

The victim’s university degree course had to be abandoned, and he left Leeds due to the overwhelming stress and pressure. He also suffered lasting physical and emotional scars from the traumatic experience.

Please note that all information presented in this article has been obtained from a variety of sources, including and several other newspapers. Although we have tried our best to verify all information, we cannot guarantee that everything mentioned is correct and has not been 100% verified. Therefore, we recommend caution when referencing this article or using it as a source in your own research or report.

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