Johnson City Gas Station Shooting

The Johnson City Gas Station Shooting has shocked the community and sparked widespread concern for public safety. This tragic incident occurred at a gas station in Johnson City, leaving a profound impact on the residents. The incident involved a robbery at a local gas station that escalated into a fatal shooting. Authorities are actively investigating the case to bring the perpetrators to justice. For more detailed information and updates on this incident, visit Stay informed about the latest developments surrounding this incident and join the community in seeking justice and promoting a safer environment for all in Johnson City.

I. Johnson City Gas Station Shooting

Co-workers and friends of a gas station employee who was killed in a robbery in Johnson City have established a memorial inside the store. The employee, Tava Woodard, 23, from Johnson City, worked as a store clerk at the Roadrunner located on East Myrtle Avenue and North Broadway Street. The incident occurred in the early hours of Friday morning.

Ashley Griffin, a friend of Woodard, shared that they would often have lunch together and visit the bookstore as a group. They would also confide in each other about various aspects of their lives. Joseph Aguilar, another employee at Roadrunner, expressed his grief over the tragic loss.

Aguilar mentioned that Woodard was the one who initially trained him for the job, and they grew close as friends over time. Aguilar further revealed that they reopened the convenience store on the same day as the incident, although he personally felt it might have been a bit too soon, considering the circumstances. However, they proceeded with the reopening to honor Woodard’s memory.

The Johnson City Police Department is actively investigating the incident and working to identify the suspects. As of Monday, there have been no updates regarding the suspects’ identities.

GPM Investments, the owner of Roadrunner, has announced a $5,000 reward for anyone who provides information leading to the arrest of the perpetrators. Additionally, Barnes Exterminating, a local pest control company, has also posted on social media offering a $5,000 reward for information given to the authorities that leads to the arrest of the two suspects.

Johnson City Gas Station Shooting
Johnson City Gas Station Shooting

II. Arrest charges related to the shooting

The Johnson City Police Department (JCPD) held a media briefing on Wednesday morning to announce significant developments in the homicide case of 23-year-old Tava Woodard, who was killed during an alleged robbery at a Roadrunner Market on North Broadway Street.

Chief of Police Billy Church revealed that Mark Anthony Sexton, Jr., 41, and his son, Mark Anthony Sexton, III, 18, have been arrested and charged in connection with the crime. They both face charges of First Degree Murder and Especially Aggravated Robbery. The arrests were made on Tuesday.

Mark Anthony Sexton, III, faces additional charges of Possession of a Firearm in the Commission of a Dangerous Felony and Tampering with Evidence. The arrests followed the execution of a search warrant at a residence on Fairview Avenue, which Chief Church confirmed was linked to the case.

The father and son are currently being held at the Washington County Detention Center, with a bond set at $1 million each. They appeared in court on Wednesday, where they were both given an additional charge of conspiracy to commit especially aggravated robbery. A hearing for their case has been scheduled for June 20.

Chief Church expressed the profound sadness surrounding the case, stating that it ranks among the most tragic he has encountered in his nearly 30-year career in law enforcement. He emphasized that the investigation is ongoing and urged the protection of its integrity as it proceeds through the legal process.

While Chief Church hinted that there may be additional charges in the future, he refrained from providing further details during the briefing. The case continues to command the attention of the authorities as they work towards seeking justice for Tava Woodard.

Arrest charges related to the shooting
Arrest charges related to the shooting

III. The reaction of the victim’s family

On Friday, June 2, Tava Woodard tragically lost her life during a robbery at the Roadrunner Market on North Broadway Street. According to the Johnson City Police Department (JCPD), Woodard complied with the suspects’ demands but was fatally injured during the encounter.

Woodard’s family, speaking to News Channel 11 on Sunday, expressed their desire for people to remember the brightness she brought to everyone around her. They undoubtedly cherish the memories of her positive impact.

Chief Billy Church extended his gratitude to the dedicated officers and investigators of the JCPD, as well as the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, Tennessee Highway Patrol, Jonesborough Police Department, and the district attorney’s office for their collaborative efforts in the case.

GPM Investments, the owner of Roadrunner Market, issued a statement to News Channel 11 in response to the news of the arrests. They expressed their thankfulness for the swift apprehension of the individuals responsible for this senseless and tragic crime. The statement further acknowledged Woodard’s esteemed reputation among those fortunate enough to have known her, and conveyed heartfelt thoughts to her family during this difficult time.

The reaction of the victim's family
The reaction of the victim’s family

IV. Video Johnson City Gas Station Shooting

According to affidavits filed by Johnson City Police Department (JCPD) officer Justin Jenkins, video footage from the Roadrunner Market at 408 N. Broadway revealed two masked individuals robbing Tava Woodard at gunpoint and taking cash from her.

The affidavit states, “The two men then walked towards the door but as they were leaving, one of the men turned around and fired a shot from the pistol, striking Ms. Woodard.” Woodard immediately fell to the ground and remained motionless until officers arrived eight minutes later, discovering that she had tragically passed away.

During the investigation, officers discovered a 9mm shell casing and two blue nitrile gloves near an alley close to the store, which matched the gloves worn by the suspects captured in the video. The video also showed the suspects fleeing down that alley. Another glove was found near 2217 E. Fairview Ave., approximately nine blocks away from the store, near the residence of the Sextons at 2231 E. Fairview.

Upon releasing surveillance video screen captures to local media, including News Channel 11, the police received several tips suggesting that one of the individuals in the video resembled Mark Sexton Jr., as mentioned in one of the affidavits.

Further tips from employees at a nearby laundry service indicated that Mark Sexton Jr. and his wife had previously worked there. They described scrubs and gloves from the business that matched the attire worn by the suspects in the store video. These pieces of information are crucial in connecting the suspects to the crime.

V. A traffic stop and a search warrant move investigation foward

Several former co-workers came forward and informed the police that they believed the suspects involved in the Johnson City Gas Station Shooting were Mark Sexton and his son, according to an affidavit by Sexton Jr.

Acting upon these tips, the JCPD obtained a search warrant for the residence located at 2231 E. Fairview Ave on Monday. While monitoring the house, officers noticed a vehicle registered to Sexton Jr. leaving the premises. The officers conducted a traffic stop on the car due to expired registration and took Sexton Jr., his wife, and a juvenile to the police department for questioning.

During the search of the residence, the police discovered clothing, including scrubs, that matched the attire worn by the individuals seen in the store video. Additionally, they found blue gloves that matched the ones recovered near the store during the initial search, as well as a 9mm round with the same stamp as the casing found at the crime scene.

Subsequently, investigators obtained a warrant to search Sexton’s vehicle. Inside the car, they discovered more gloves, a scrub top, sunglasses, and over a dozen additional 9mm rounds that matched the casings found at the scene of the crime.

On Monday, the police interviewed Sexton Jr.’s wife, showing her still images from the store footage that depicted one suspect wearing a “Marvel Comics” T-shirt with unique designs. She identified it as identical to one owned by her family and shared among herself and her two sons, as stated in the affidavit by Mark Sexton III. She also acknowledged that Mark Sexton III possesses a jacket similar to the one worn by the same suspect in the surveillance video.

Furthermore, the affidavit mentioned that Mrs. Sexton disclosed the family’s recent financial difficulties during the interview.

A traffic stop and a search warrant move investigation foward
A traffic stop and a search warrant move investigation foward

VI. Allegations from the police

According to the affidavit of Mark Sexton III, Mark Sexton Jr. provided a detailed interview to investigators on Tuesday, confessing to his and his son’s involvement in the robbery of the Road Runner and various aspects of the shooting.

Sexton Jr. admitted that he and his son entered the store together after walking there, initially going to the back before approaching the register. He confirmed the clothing they were wearing during the incident.

When asked if their intention was to shoot Woodard, Sexton Jr. vehemently responded, “hell no,” as stated in the affidavit.

He informed investigators that although he did not witness Sexton III shooting Woodard, he heard the gunshot and subsequently fled the scene on foot.

Sexton Jr. also mentioned the dire financial situation of their family, which had been reported by multiple co-workers who claimed that both Sextons had recently been fired. He explained that due to their desperate circumstances, his son encouraged him to do whatever was necessary to obtain money.

Regarding the robbery, Sexton Jr. disclosed to investigators that they managed to acquire only a few hundred dollars. He believed that they still possessed the gun upon returning home, although he could not recall seeing it.

Sexton Jr. further admitted to burning a backpack and several items of clothing he had used during the robbery.

In addition to the charge of first-degree murder, Sexton Jr. faces charges of especially aggravated robbery and expired vehicle registration.

Sexton III, on the other hand, is charged with first-degree murder, especially aggravated robbery, possession of a firearm during the commission of a dangerous felony, and tampering with evidence.

Allegations from the police
Allegations from the police
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