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How To Mission Gourmets Gone Missing Tears Of The Kingdom

Welcome to the article “How To Mission Gourmets Gone Missing Tears Of The Kingdom” on the website “” In this article we will guide you step by step to complete the side quest ‘Gourmets Gone Missing’ in the popular game “The Legend of Zelda : Tears of the Kingdom“. This is a challenging and exciting action adventure game where you will explore the vast and mysterious kingdom of Hyrule. Join us in uncovering the secrets and strategies for completing this quest, and experience the exciting rewards it offers!”

How To Gourmets Gone Missing Tears Of The Kingdom
How To Gourmets Gone Missing Tears Of The Kingdom

I. Game “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom”

“The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom” is an action-adventure video game, the latest installment in the renowned “The Legend of Zelda” series by Nintendo. The game continues the story of Link, a brave hero, in his journey to protect the kingdom of Hyrule.

One of the side quests in this game is “Gourmets Gone Missing”. This is a unique and interesting side quest, part of the Lucky Gazette quest line. In this quest, players will interact with characters Penn and Traysi, and will be embarked on a challenging adventure, chasing Penn all over Hyrule at different stables. Each stable will have a separate side quest to complete, creating a rich and diverse quest chain.

Game "The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom"
Game “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom”

II. Riverside Stable’s position in the quest

The Riverside Stable, the starting point for the “Gourmets Gone Missing Tears Of The Kingdom” quest, is located near the bridges that lead from Hyrule Field into West Necluda, in the southeast part of Central Hyrule. This location is a hub for various quests and activities in the game, making it a significant point of interest for players.

To begin the “Gourmets Gone Missing” quest, players must travel to the Riverside Stable and speak to Penn, a character who is usually found perched next to the river. Penn is a key character in this quest line, as he guides players through the various stages of the quest. His role is to provide clues and directions to the player, leading them to different stables across Hyrule where they will need to complete separate side quests.

Penn’s character is intriguing and adds a layer of depth to the quest. His interactions with the player not only provide guidance but also enrich the storyline, making the quest more engaging and enjoyable.

Riverside Stable's position in the quest
Riverside Stable’s position in the quest

III. How To mission “Gourmets Gone Missing Tears Of The Kingdom”

The “Gourmets Gone Missing” quest involves a series of steps that require players to follow Penn across various stables in Hyrule. Each stable presents a unique side quest that players must complete to progress in the main quest.

  • Chasing Penn: The quest begins with Penn at the Riverside Stable. After the initial conversation with Penn, players will need to follow him to various stables across Hyrule. The locations of these stables are hinted at in Penn’s dialogues, requiring players to explore and navigate the vast landscape of Hyrule.
  • Completing Side Quests: At each stable, Penn will present players with a side quest. These quests are integral to the main quest and must be completed to progress. They offer a variety of challenges, from combat trials to treasure hunts, each designed to test different skills of the player.
  • Returning to Penn: After completing each side quest, players must return to Penn at the respective stable. Penn will then guide players to the next location, continuing the cycle until all side quests are completed.

Challenges and Difficulties

The “Gourmets Gone Missing Tears Of The Kingdom” quest is not without its challenges. The vastness of Hyrule can make finding the stables a difficult task, especially for new players. Additionally, the side quests presented at each stable can be challenging, requiring a combination of combat skills, problem-solving abilities, and in-game knowledge to complete. Players may also encounter powerful enemies during their journey, adding an element of danger to the quest. Despite these challenges, the quest offers rewarding gameplay and a rich storyline, making it a memorable part of “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom”.

How To mission "Gourmets Gone Missing Tears Of The Kingdom"
How To mission “Gourmets Gone Missing Tears Of The Kingdom”

IV. Rewards that you can get

1. Rewards from the Quest

Upon successful completion of the “Gourmets Gone Missing” quest, players are rewarded with new recipes and ingredients.

The recipes obtained from this quest can be used to prepare various dishes within the game. These dishes provide different benefits such as restoring health, boosting stats, or providing temporary buffs, making them valuable assets in Link’s journey. The ingredients received can be used in these recipes or in other recipes the player might have, adding to the versatility of the rewards.

2. Value of the Rewards

The value of these rewards in the context of the game is significant. The ability to cook various dishes allows players to prepare for different situations, whether they need to restore health after a tough battle or need a stat boost for a challenging encounter. The ingredients add to the player’s inventory, providing more options for cooking and potion-making.

Moreover, these rewards also contribute to the overall gameplay experience. They encourage exploration and experimentation with different combinations of ingredients, adding another layer of depth to the game. In conclusion, the rewards from the “Gourmets Gone Missing” quest are not only valuable in a practical sense but also enhance the richness of the game’s world.

Rewards that you can get
Rewards that you can get

V. Conclude

The “Gourmets Gone Missing” quest in “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom” offers a unique and engaging experience for players. It takes them on a journey across Hyrule, presenting a series of challenges at different stables, each with its own side quest. The quest not only tests the player’s combat skills and problem-solving abilities but also their exploration and navigation skills.

The rewards from the quest, including new recipes and ingredients, add a practical and valuable element to the gameplay.

The vastness of Hyrule can be daunting, but it’s also filled with wonders and surprises. Don’t rush through the quest; take your time to explore and discover. The side quests at each stable are not just hurdles to overcome, but also opportunities to delve deeper into the game’s lore and mechanics.


VI. Mission Gourmets Gone Missing Tears Of The Kingdom

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