Video shows Black trans man Banko Brown Shooting dead by guard

The tragic incident involving Banko Brown, a Black trans man, being fatally shot by a security guard has sparked widespread outrage and raised concerns about excessive use of force. The incident, captured on video, has garnered significant attention and has become a focal point for discussions on racial injustice and transgender rights. The footage, which shows the shooting of Banko Brown, has been a catalyst for protests, calls for justice, and demands for a thorough investigation. This article delves into the details of the incident and its implications, shedding light on the circumstances surrounding Banko Brown shooting. To read more about this case, visit

Video shows Black trans man Banko Brown Shooting dead by guard
Video shows Black trans man Banko Brown Shooting dead by guard

I. Video shows Black trans man Banko Brown Shooting dead by guard

Anthony fatally shot 24-year-old Brown on April 27 in close proximity to a Walgreens store located at the intersection of 4th and Market streets. The incident occurred during daylight hours while the busy corridor was in operation.

Brown had been accused of shoplifting from the store, which led to a physical altercation between him and Anthony within the premises. Surveillance footage from the store captured the altercation, showing Anthony wrestling Brown to the ground.

According to Jenkins, during the struggle on the ground, Brown allegedly threatened to stab Anthony. However, no knife was discovered in Brown’s possession.

The video also depicts Anthony eventually releasing Brown from the ground. Brown can then be seen retrieving the bag of items he had dropped during the fight.

As Brown walks towards the exit, the video shows Anthony retrieving his gun and pointing it at the ground.

Once outside the Walgreens, Brown stands on the sidewalk near the door and makes a sudden lunging motion towards Anthony.

It is at this point that Anthony fires a single shot, striking Brown in the chest, as evidenced by the video footage.

Family members of Brown and community activists argue that the video demonstrates Brown retreating from the guard prior to being shot.

II. Protests in wake of Banko Brown’s death

Banko Brown’s death, along with the district attorney’s decision not to file charges, ignited widespread protests, with local residents condemning it as “nothing short of a lynching.”

Following the release of Jenkins’ report, a rally took place on Monday (May 16), where approximately 50 individuals marched to the Walgreens store where Brown was fatally shot. Protesters held signs demanding “DA Jenkins: Prosecute Michael Anthony” and seeking “Justice for Banko Brown.”

Brown, aged 24, was known as a community organizer who dedicated himself to supporting Black transgender youth. He had recently experienced homelessness.

Julia Arroyo, co-executive director of the local nonprofit organization Young Women’s Freedom Center, was acquainted with Brown. She described him as a compassionate individual who would go to great lengths to help others, even giving them the shirt off his back.

Protests in wake of Banko Brown’s death
Protests in wake of Banko Brown’s death

III. California AG to review evidence in deadly shooting of Banko Brown

In response to increasing demands for a thorough review of the fatal shooting of Banko Brown, California State Attorney General Rob Bonta has agreed to examine the evidence in the case that led to San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins’ decision not to press charges against the Walgreens security guard involved in the deadly incident.

Bonta’s office informed KTVU that they will assess whether the D.A.’s decision to abstain from filing charges constituted an abuse of discretion.

John Burris, the attorney representing Brown’s family, stated on Tuesday that he had sent a letter to Bonta’s office last week, requesting a review of the evidence.

Burris explained, “The Attorney General has to look at it and determine whether there was an abuse of discretion. We believe that there was, largely because there was sufficient evidence to justify prosecution. It’s not a guarantee. There are standards the attorney general has. They make their own judgments…and they may or may not decide to do it, but ultimately they make their own independent decision.”

On Tuesday, D.A. Jenkins issued a statement indicating, “We welcome the Attorney General’s review and will assist and cooperate as needed.” Jenkins emphasized that her office had provided a comprehensive analysis in their report on the fatal shooting, including investigative records, witness statements, and video evidence.

As local and state politicians joined the chorus calling for an external review of the case, Mayor London Breed faced inquiries for her stance. Initially expressing trust in the D.A.’s handling of the investigation, she eventually expressed openness to external investigations, stating that she welcomes them.

California AG to review evidence in deadly shooting of Banko Brown
California AG to review evidence in deadly shooting of Banko Brown

IV. Banko Brown Shooting family’s reaction

Family, friends, and supporters of Brown received news of Bonta’s decision during a rally held outside San Francisco’s City Hall.

Asia Hubbard, Brown’s former partner, expressed their belief that although it may seem like nobody is listening, justice will eventually be served. They joined other family members who carried signs, photos, and messages of love for Brown, a 24-year-old transgender man.

Brown’s mother, Kevinisha Henderson, spoke about her child, using Brown’s birth name, Chynna. She described the profound impact Chynna had on her life, emphasizing their strong bond and calling them her best friend and everything. Henderson acknowledged the challenges Chynna had faced growing up, including periods of homelessness in various cities such as Sacramento, Vallejo, Oakland, and San Francisco since they ran away at the age of 13. Meanwhile, Henderson struggled with addiction and has been in recovery for five years. Henderson fully embraced Chynna’s transgender identity, appreciating their self-assurance and loving every aspect of their personality, appearance, and humor. She expressed hope and prayers for justice to prevail.

During the rally, Henderson received a phone call from the family’s attorney, John Burris, who informed her that the attorney general had agreed to review the evidence in the case. Henderson expressed that this development gave her hope. She found it difficult to comprehend why D.A. Jenkins did not file charges after witnessing the surveillance video of the incident, stating that the video was distressing to watch, and she couldn’t understand why there was no basis for prosecution.

Burris reiterated that the attorney general’s review would assess whether there was an abuse of discretion, emphasizing that they believed there was sufficient evidence to prosecute.

Last week, D.A. Jenkins announced her decision not to press criminal charges against 33-year-old Michael Earl-Wayne Anthony, the Walgreens security guard, stating that the evidence indicated Anthony had fired in self-defense. Jenkins’ decision sparked controversy, particularly after the release of the store’s surveillance video.

Terry Brown, Banko Brown’s brother, expressed his opinion that the security guard was not in any danger and had full control of the situation.

D.A. Jenkins issued a statement, welcoming the attorney general’s review and expressing readiness to assist and cooperate as needed. She mentioned that her office had provided a comprehensive analysis in their report on the fatal shooting, which included investigative records, witness statements, and video evidence.

Banko Brown Shooting family's reaction
Banko Brown Shooting family’s reaction

V. Banko Brown Memorial in San Francisco

The memorial service for 24-year-old Banko Brown, who was shot and killed by a security guard at a San Francisco Walgreens last month, encountered a tumultuous start as attendees began arguing and yelling inside the church.

Many individuals who gathered at Third Baptist Church in San Francisco were aware that it would be a challenging day.

Emotions ran high during the memorial service for Banko.

Terry Brown, Banko’s father, expressed the range of feelings present, saying, “There’s hurt, disappointment. There’s everything.”

At the beginning of the service, when NAACP Reverend Amos Brown made comments, tempers flared, leading to a shouting match. Banko’s stepmother intervened and requested that upset individuals inside the church calm down.

Calvin Breedlove, a relative, mentioned that there were intense emotions, and it was necessary for everyone to regain composure before proceeding.

Reverend Brown then continued with the service.

Banko’s death last month has sparked numerous questions and frustration within the community. Following District Attorney Brooke Jenkins’ decision not to press charges against the security guard responsible for shooting and killing Banko at the Walgreens store, protests erupted, demanding change. Banko was suspected of shoplifting.

The guard claimed he fired in self-defense, stating that he believed Banko was going to stab him. However, Banko was found to be unarmed.

On Thursday, friends and family gathered to show their support.

Darryl King, a friend, expressed his shock over the situation, saying, “I knew Banko from younger years till now. The situation completely threw me off. I came to show my respects.”

The investigation into the shooting is ongoing. This week, the California Attorney General’s office announced that they will review the case.

Terry Brown expressed optimism about the state’s involvement, stating, “That’s a good process because the DA wasn’t doing anything. So if it goes to the state, maybe they’ll do something. That’s what we’re hoping for, just to get justice.”

Banko’s family’s attorney plans to file a civil lawsuit and intends to provide further information on Friday.

Attorney John Burris stated, “I’m serving a wrongful death lawsuit alleging that his life was wrongfully taken. I think we’re in a position to show that Walgreens, the security company, and the security officer are at fault.”

Terry Brown understands that nothing can bring back his child, but his primary focus is on seeking justice.

“I just want justice. I don’t care about the money thing. I just want justice,” Terry Brown expressed.

Banko Brown Memorial in San Francisco
Banko Brown Memorial in San Francisco
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